Do you know where the Southern Cross is?

Southern Cross

Image by varrqnuht via Flickr

That’s what my husband asked a fellow (but somewhat younger) hosteller. Hubbie was studying the sky, and the other fellow (Irish, it turned out, to no surprise) was hanging his laundry outside as darkness fell in the Hunter Valley.

The Irish guy said, in all seriousness, “is that a pub?”

6 thoughts on “Do you know where the Southern Cross is?

  1. I know where the Southern Cross is – I’m a somewhat younger traveler but I know celestial navigation and can use a sextant and make the calculations to accurately navigate a ship across the ocean by the stars along

    • That’s a good point. A quick google reveals that there is at least one town, hotel and pub in Australia with that name, and there are many more around the world. Apologies to the Irish backpacker.

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