About Me

I supposedly retired in October 2014 from an engineering career. I have a husband who happily does not need me to cater to his every need. I have three grown children who turned out way better than I could have hoped. I live near Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Here is how I try to spend my time – and a recent progress report (Jan 2020):

  • Organize my house – Not a lot of progress here Backsliding now.
  • Wander out to the garden with a coffee and pluck a few weeds – Sometimes, in thought anyway
  • Figure out how to manage my life on my super-duper phone – Still a work-in-progress. Not bothering much, since I’ll need another new phone eventually.
  • Do long-distance walks – I’ve having good success here. Check.
  • Get more sleep – Still working on this. Still trying.
  • Travel to visit my family and friends, wherever they are – This is going very well! Check.
  • Work part-time (from home) for a technical association I’ve long been involved with – This has expanded way beyond my wishes, and I’m planning to cut it way back, very soon eventually, I hope.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Clare. Thanks for following my blog which in turn has led me to yours. I have just been reading Anne’s story. It took me back to the time that I nursed my mother through her final weeks. She was a strong and independant woman, just like Anne. I walked the camino de Santiago last year in her memory and felt a very strong connection to both my parents during the walk. Thanks for sharing. Maggie

  2. Thanks for the comment. It is hard to know how my version of Anne’s Story comes across to non-family members. I am in the final stages of dealing with all of her “stuff” – having sold the apartment, distributed many things to my siblings and all our children. But all the residue has landed in my house, where I continue to sort through it, with plans to have it settled before my next camino.

  3. I really like to read your blog. Funny twists in the serious word formations that you deliver. Thanks for following my blog. Itl be nice to follow yours

  4. Hello! I just found your blog, I too am a descendent of Charles Douglas Waddell and his wife Emma Reeves. I am descended from his son William George who was called ‘yum’. His daughter Winifred grew up in Ireland before settling in New Zealand when my grandmother Diana was 10. My father Robert is her youngest child, he moved to Melbourne, Australia in the 80’s and kaboom, I was born in 1990! I’m trying to figure what number cousin’s we’d be!

    • It is wonderful to hear from you! As I mentioned in my blog, the identity of Charles Douglass Waddell was a big family mystery for so long, for us! (We always had a good laugh as we were the illegitimate line of the family, and that was a real scandal at the time!) As you probably saw, I received a response from Caraline, another distant cousin of both of us.

      My youngest daughter (now 28) spent a couple of years in Melbourne and we visited there, but she is back in Canada now. I also have Phillips relatives who went to Melbourne in the 1850s.

      It would be interesting to share family history information with you and your family. Caraline sent me a photo of 7 of the Waddell children taken in 1903. Caraline also mentioned other descendents including Winifred and Diana. If you would send an email to me at tritetales@gmail.com, I will share some more of this information.

      I am a little confused and need to check with my sister who knows exactly who is who.

      Thanks for responding!


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