Camino packing list

Posting my packing list feels a bit like putting my laundry out on display, but here it is (clean, at least!). My total is well under 6 kg before water and snacks, even accounting for a few odds and ends that inevitably sneak into the pack before departure. 

I am quite comfortable carrying this weight, even though less would always be better. I know some items that I could save weight on, if necessary, but I like this collection. It is suitable for virtually all weather conditions (I tend to walk in March-April or Oct-Nov, and I do not want to be cold). 

My approach to clothing is to have a walking outfit that consists of several light layers that can be put on or taken off to suit any conditions. Rain jacket and pants provide the ultimate protection against wind, rain or cold. Then I have an evening outfit, including down vest, that I wear to bed as well. The day outfit can stay a bit dirty and the evening outfit stays pretty clean, so my daily laundry is just socks and underwear. 

6 thoughts on “Camino packing list

  1. Is the duct tape to protect the joints on the walking poles, or as a supply for on the road repairs of whatever?

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