Packing list

Here’s my list for the Camino. (I’ve updated some items but not the exact weights. My total is still about 5.5 kg before water and snacks). With these supplies, I’m confident that I can handle weather ranging from 0C to 30C, with whatever precipitation comes with it.

  Description Weight (g)
Wear Shoes – Salomon trail runners (new in mid-2018) with custom inner soles 850
Socks and underwear 145
Merino mix sleeveless top (as undershirt) 105
Top – Very light merino base layer shirt, long sleeves (remove when warm) 150
Top – Long sleeve button-up “sun shirt” 255
Pants – Slightly stretchy long pants with deep pockets, “yoga” waistband 275
Merino wool buff 50
Wide brim hat 70
Walking poles (Black Diamond Ultra Distance) with 1 m of duct tape wrapped around 265
Passport, credit/bank cards, medical info, reserve cash – hidden 80
Subtotal Wearing 2245
Pouch Pouch/purse (crossbody strap) containing the following: 60
Guide book or papers, credencial 150
Smart phone, in case 270
Daily cash
Notebook, pen, pencil 55
Subtotal In pouch with cross body strap 535
Pack Backpack (Osprey Talon 33 S/M, plus rain cover 1000
Attached or in outside pockets of pack:
Knife, whistle, pen, safety pins 100
Gloves (merino wool) 50
Plastic slip-on shoes (thin croc-style) 175
Jacket – waterproof breathable (in bag 40 g good for sitting on) 350
Bag 1 (about 2 L) – For day use: Phone charger, adaptor, earbuds. First aid (Advil, antiseptic wipes, bandaids, toe tubes, moleskin, tape, polysporin, scissors, needles & thread, tweezers, nail clippers), kleenex, t.paper, plastic baggies, spork, safety pins, lipgloss, sunscreen, pencil with duct tape 470
Towel (microfibre, 50×80 cm)) 80
Dry Bag to isolate night things during day (keep bedbugs inside): 55
Sleeping bag (made from cheap lightweight down comforter) 885
Shirt for sleeping (or warmth) – Merino long sleeved 100
Sweat pants for sleeping (or warmth) – Merino 135
Dry bag to enclose back pack at night (keep bedbugs out) 160
Dry bag for dirty/wet clothes and various ziplock bags 150
Dry bag to hold spare clothes: 70
Pants – waterproof breathable (put in outside pocket on cloudy days) 220
Silk scarf 25
Socks – 2 spare pairs (1 walking, 1 evening) 70
Underwear – 2 pairs, 1 bra 90
Down zip vest for evening, night, freezing days, or pillow 200
Drawstring backpack – cord can be used as clothesline 80
Bag 2 – Toiletries for evenings/mornings: Toothbrush/paste, floss, comb, hair gel, kleenex, medications, soap, skin cream, vaseline, tiny flashligh 450
Bag 3 – Misc. extras: Kleenex; spare eyeglasses, pole tips; “what if” first aid and medicines (elastic bandage, decong., diarrea, nausea, antihist, antihist cream, antiinflamm cream, Betadine) 410
Subtotal In backpack, excluding water and food 5710
(pounds) 12.6
TOTALS From skin out 8490
(pounds) 18.7

6 thoughts on “Packing list

  1. Is the duct tape to protect the joints on the walking poles, or as a supply for on the road repairs of whatever?

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