Another sweaty day

Today I relaxed in town. Up at 7, had to dress in my black pants and only shirt since all the other clothes were still not dry. Normally, I don´t care if I put on damp clothes and let them dry on my body. However, in addition to the many mosquito and ant bites, I seem to have a bit of a rash on my butt from sitting on the boat for so long in clothes wet with river water! So I thought I´d be proper today and wear dry clothes. However, it is SO true that it is hard to dry things in the humid tropics. This week it is low 30´s with 90% humidity. N said that it went up to 40 one day when they were out on the boat.

Went for breakfast in the restaurant frequented by N and the other students. Yummy huevos revueltos (aka by my family as revolting eggs), that I always loved from my tropical youth. N and some others came in.

Then went off to a camera store to confirm that my memory card from the wet camera is good. (Update is that the camera is still drying!) Got caught in a tropical rainshower en route, but just behaved like the locals and stood under the awnings until traffic cleared and then made a dash across the street.

Spent some time at the internet place (posted this morning). Wandered around, went to the travel agency at N´s hostel and made the flight arrangements for the rest of our trip.

Had dinner with N. She had to go back to prepare for tomorrow´s final presentations of the course – they are actually spending most of their time doing school work.

Tomorrow I might hire a moto-taxi for a couple of hours to take me around sightseeing.