Here in Iquitos, Peru

Arrived yesterday mid-morning after about 24 hours travelling from Vancouver, Dallas, Miami and Lima. In Lima I bought a ticket straight on to Iquitos, which is the city of abut 300,000 people at the head of the Amazon. It is accessible up the Amazon from the Atlantic Ocean, or by air.

It is a hot, humid, noisy town. There are very few cars but thousands of 3-wheel motocycles with canopies.

I cannot figure out how to make an apostrophe on this keyboard, so my language is kind of formal.

Met up with N who is doing the last week of her 1 month course. They are back from 2 weeks on a scientific research vessel (well, a vessel on which some scientific work was being done – counting fish, dolphins, birds, etc.)

N booked a room for me at the Hostal Colibri near hers (Hospedaje Pascana). (Hers was full of the 22 group from the University). It is basic but the rooms are quite new. Her place has more character, with a nice tropical garden courtyard, and a breakfast area. My bathroom is nicer.

Yesterday and this morning I spent a lot of time going to different tour operators and trying to pick an excursion to the jungle for me. I will decide today, and will write about the plans after I confirm them.

Now I need to investigate options for where to go next weekend after we leave Iquitos.