>From Iquitos to Cusco area

>Walked over to N’s hotel at 7.30 and we left there in a moto-taxi for the airport. Mototaxiing through town is an experience, and plays havoc with the hairdo.

Flew to Limi, changed flights and flew to Cuzco – an hour and a bit.

In Cuzco took an official airport taxi with the intent of going to the train station to buy tickets for tomorrow’s trip to Macchu Pichu – needed to go to 2 or 3 places to sort it all out. Well, the taxi driver convinced us that the travel agency he was associated with could do it all and organize our entire trip. He took us to the station, his office being across the street. We went in and he seemed very professional with other staff there, so we went with it. There was a slight surcharge, but not a huge one, and it sure made life easier.

Finally he took us to the cheap bus station so we could take the 1-hour bus to the market town of Pisac. The Sunday market is their biggest. We crammed onto the last seats on the bus, with our bags on our laps. Pisac turned out to be very quaint and we were glad we decided to go there for the night. (One of the reasons was that at 2800 m elevation, it is 500 m lower than Cuzco, so it is easier to acclimatize.) This morning we experienced the market with great enthusiasm and did Christmas shopping. In fact we had to put into use the additional old backpack that N was expecting to throw out. At least we have the rest of our trip planned such that we can leave one bag at the hotels and won´t have to carry the third pack around except on trips to the airport.

Took a taxi back to Cuzco – $11 – faster and a lot easier given our increased luggage.

Here we are at a hotel arranged by our friend Walter (the taxi driver and travel agent. We are feeling a bit tired, possibly from the altitude, and the walk up to the third floor is taxing!

Tomorrw we will go to the Museo Inka and then head off on a three day trip (bus and train) to Macchu Pichu.