Phew! Hot in the Hunter Valley

It is in the mid-30s here in the wine-producing Hunter Valley, 150 km from Sydney.
Much to my surprise, even Husband has decided that car air conditioning is a good thing. The feature photo (scroll up to see it) shows a vineyard in the foreground, olive trees in the middle, and eucalyptus forest in the back.

There are some 150 vineyards and wineries and we can only do a few, and we have. We checked out a cheese factory where we could have spent $50 for tonight’s cheese alone! Since it is so hot, we also did a tour and beer tasting at a tiny brewery. So tiny that we only had to take about 25 steps from the bar to the bottling room.

Then shopped for cheap substitutes at the local supermarket and came to the hostel where we’re staying. Yes, YHA hostels even exist in the posh parts of the country. It is very pleasant, except for the detail of being 35 degrees without even a fan. We have the door closed, screened window open, and are attempting to clear any mosquitos out of the room. (There are a few about, but it’s not too bad.) We are lying on the bed, waiting for mozzies to approach. Then we swat them, without expending too much energy, miss, lie back, and wait for one to approach again. It occurs to me that there might only be ONE, and with a little concentrated effort we could get it. But there is nothing like a hard day of driving, followed by wine, cheese and beer sampling, in the heat, to dull one’s aggressiveness. Soon it will be time to sleep sweat for the night.

20111115-114043.jpgNext morning: The night cooled down nicely and here I am having morning coffee, with vineyards and pastoral scene behind.

Here’s a picture of a typical meal for us, on the road when we can’t be bothered to elbow our way to the communal kitchen stove. This was a breakfast, as evidenced by the orange juice instead of wine. A lunch would have been the same as shown, except eaten out of the trunk of the car and the juice drunk from the original container. I learned to carry a small bottle of balsamic vinegar in my travels. A splash of that can enhance an otherwise bland meal and it doesn’t even need refrigeration.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I have thouroughly enjoyed your Australian blogs. 30 Degrees celsius here in Fort Myers.

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