Day 8. Mira to Cardenete (34 km)

This was the day I was planning to do by bus, because it seemed too hard. Well, Vicente convinced me to do the bus part yesterday instead of today. Well, today WAS hard, but I survived.

The first 23 km were varied terrain and interesting. There was some treacherous rocky descents and one stream crossing that involved getting one foot wet, so I took my time. Another area was obviously burned in a forest fire, perhaps last year.

The last 10 km were mostly along a highway, and pure painful tedium. It was a 10 hour day!

On arrival, I had another nice comfortable albergue to myself, and a couple of places to eat on a Saturday night in Cardenete.

2 thoughts on “Day 8. Mira to Cardenete (34 km)

  1. Tedium sounds nice to me after seeing photos of the masses on the Meseta. Consider the Francigena for next year: so lovely, quiet yet not lonely.

  2. Wow – 10hr walk … a big jump !
    I guess the gentler day before and a good rest in a room alone helped your body handle it.

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