Day 7. Utiel to Camporrobles by bus (26 km); walk to Mira (13 km)

For various reasons – lodging, schedule, recommendation from Vicente – I took the bus this morning. If you think this is the easy way, you are wrong! In many ways, it is easier to walk than to navigate the local bus schedules and stops. However, I managed to get the bus from Utiel. Thirty minutes later I was walking through Camporrobles, finding a bar for coffee and then walking out.

Here are some puctures of the monte, past Camporrobles. Only the sound of some unseen chirpy birds. In sight are a field of grain, an orchard possibly of almond, scrub land with thyme, rosemary and something that might be a juniper. Just out of sight is an enormous excavation probably for gravel, that is only visible when you are almost at the edge.

Tonight I have private accommodation in the albergue in Mira.

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