Day 6. Requena to Utiel (16 km)

This was a pleasant day, and short, so I had a relaxed start. Sorry I can’t offer a collection of scenic photos today, because:

  • I am way behind posting and am trying to catch up
  • That day, I had my camera setting wonky and they are mostly “motion photos” and I can’t be bothered now to decide if it matters
  • I am sure similar photos will be taken in future days.

Instead, I’ll offer just a snippet of my walk – a view of a lovely shady path along the highway, and a maintenance worker weed-eating the poor drought-ridden plants.

The highlight of the day was getting to Hostal El Vegano in Utiél. (It should come as no surprise that the highlight every day is getting to the destination.) Javier is very supportive of pilgrims and gives a good rate, both for accommodation and meals. I don’t know why it is called Vegano, because the restaurant is certainly not.

The food was excellent. I had Valencian paella (chicken, rabbit, white and green beans) and stuffed eggplant, with a local red wine, followed by nougat ice cream. €10 for pilgrims, €13 (I think) for normal people 🤣.

There was an impressive thunderstorm in the evening. Glad I wasn’t out walking!

2 thoughts on “Day 6. Requena to Utiel (16 km)

  1. It’s been fun doing a catch up on your last 5 days The meal at Utiel looks worth a trip there. Yum. You appear to be adjusting your accommodation ‘on the fly ‘ as you go. Your research and spreadsheet would have helped a lot. Although you’ve been pretty much a ‘one man band ‘ to Cuenca .. it will be a nice change meeting up with Laurie and Alun / some dining companions.
    Buen camino Clare.

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