Day 9. Cardenete to Monteagudo de las Salinas (29 km)

Quick catch up…

This was an important day because I met up with two Camino friends, both of whom I had met in previous years. They started walking the Camino de la Lana in Villajoyosa. We’ll spend a few days walking together before one leaves, and then Laurie and I will continue.

The 29 km walk was still somewhat long for me, but it was quite pleasant.

I walked through one area that had been burned in wild fires maybe a couple of years ago.

As I approached Monteagudo, my friends (whose route converged with mine) WhatsApp’d me to say they were waiting on my arrival before ordering afternoon dinner. Soon I arrived.

Our accommodation in the town was 3 rooms in a nice casa rural called El Rincón de Sandra. Very comfortable.

3 thoughts on “Day 9. Cardenete to Monteagudo de las Salinas (29 km)

    • That reminded me that one area had been burned, so I’ve added a photo. That day was probably the greenest, and I’m told that the fields of wheat are so stunted that they can’t be harvested. Also, of course, I took photos of the nicer views and the few streams. Several places where I was expecting to get my feet wet, were dry.

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