Vasco/Bayona 7. Vitoria to Miranda de Ebro (27 km)

In Camino circles, 25 km sounds like a modest day of walking. But, you know, it is tiring!

We wanted to get to Miranda de Ebro, which is about 36 km past Vitoria – too much, we agreed! So we got a taxi to take us 11 km to Subijana de Álava, which was a nice place to start the day. The day was a mix of terrain and we were lucky to have cloud cover and a breeze much of the time. It was still quite warm – mid 20s. I am aware that 36-11=25, but we walked 27.00 km so I am claiming full credit!

We took our lunch break on benches by the Church of San Martin in Burgueta. When we started to move on, José popped out of his yard to welcome us to the village, stamp our credenciales, and show us his shrine to Santiago and the Camino. That was another nice “Camino” moment, that we don’t get too often on this route.

We passed through Estavillo, after which one route goes south to Santo Domingo de los Calzados, and another route (which we took) goes west to Burgos. From here on, the route is marked with prominent signs calling it the Camino de Bayona, so it seems that the Vasco is the one which goes to Santo Domingo.

Here in Miranda de Ebro, there is a Dutch couple in the albergue. We have dined very well at Oasis Bistro (10% discount for peregrinos).