Day walks around Nagarkot

After a very bumpy drive about 20 km from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot, we arrived at the Fort Retreat, a very comfortable upgrade. Of course we got up for sunrise over the Himalayas. The photo below would presumably show Mount Everest on a clear day with binoculars.

For two days we went out walking for the day. These hills are not the serious trekking routes, but have their own charm/interest. On one day, there was a celebration going on at a shrine, so we saw people walking there to join in.

This will sound silly, but I have been surprised that Nepal is so, well, Nepalese.

Nagarkot has a sort of “commercial” centre with various businesses and shacks, and an odd atmosphere – almost wild west (or cheap trekking in Nepal). Buildings have electricity but no heating, so people keep fires outside. Around the outskirts are many hotels of all shapes, sizes and qualities, mainly less comfortable looking than ours. I wonder what the region of the Annapurna Circuit is like. These photos were snapped quickly in the fading light.

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