Fun and games in Brazil – and we have just arrived!

Since I have been travelling so much, I am dredging the depths of the Air Canada movie selection. I watched At Chesil Beach – a predictably depressing movie based on the Ian McEwan novel. This was followed by Won’t You Be My Neighbour – a documentary about the career and philosophy of Fred Rogers – aka Mr Rogers. This was more uplifting as well as helping me sleep on the plane.

As part of a 23.5 hour journey to Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, we had 5 hours in Newark before a night flight to Sao Paulo. I cheerfully asked a United Airlines help person where I could request a seat change. Well, one thing led to another, and 15 minutes later we left with new boarding passes, much improved seats together, approved visas, and vouchers for free dinners ($30 each) to keep us entertained for the 5 hours.


The bar tender was generous, too!

Turned out we did get dinner on the flight after all, so we arrived well-fed, if not well-rested. Here is a glimpse of Sao Paulo, which Wikipedia describes as an alpha megacity with 30 million people in the metropolitan area. It is the 11th largest city in the world. It is not on my bucket list.

Our two bags did not make it out of Newark airport and they are rumoured to be arriving this evening. Seems they did not want to escape to Brazil. If you see these two runaways anywhere, please let me know. They are holding 30 kg of printed materials for a workshop and trade show.

I had the foresight to take a photo before we left

After arrival yesterday afternoon, we went for a bit of a walk to stretch our legs. We found a little garden centre/craft exhibit with adjacent food stalls. I speak Spanish to people and they seem to understand. When they respond, I can’t be sure whether they are speaking Spanish or Portuguese back but I can usually understand!

Google translate is amazing

Today involved a long walk toward the town centre, via a questionable motel strip, a modern shopping centre, a zoological park, and a glimpse of the river that we couldn’t find access to.


Before the rain started

The rain started while we were in the park, so we sat on a bench under a shelter for about an hour, hoping it would stop. It didn’t, but it was relaxing to have nothing to do in a pleasant place. Weather was warmish and humid. We did have an umbrella and one jacket (I always go reasonably equipped in my carry-on bag).

By the time we got near the town centre, where there was nothing scenic and everything except restaurants was closed, we were rather wet. Uncharacteristically we took a taxi back to the hotel – it was 5 km and my husband doesn’t like wet feet. Not that we have any dry clothes or shoes in the hotel.

Just to add to the mood of success and fun, it also seems that the shipment intended for the conference trade show has gone astray.

Off to dinner now in our wet shoes…

Post-post note: Our luggage has not arrived.