I’m back

In my last blog post, I was in Brazil with no luggage. Did any of you readers wonder whether I had even returned? OK, so most of my readers are related to me and knew where I was.

That is a interesting but disconcerting thing about internet acquaintances from far away – they can disappear and you may never know if they are even still alive. There are a couple of people in my internet history who I wonder about.

Don’t you hate it when the computer decides to upgrade itself?! WordPress has a new “editor” which I need to get used to. Now is a good time – before I am trying to blog on my phone, from Spain, next year.   

I am still struggling to implement retirement, but fully intend to take a month in the spring to go walking again. Then maybe in the summer I can seriously reduce work to a minor part of my life.

Trip to Brazil…

To follow-up from my last post, our luggage did eventually arrive in Brazil, the conference was attended, and we then stayed a few days at
at the lovely guest house Pousada Guata Porã while we sightsaw Foz do Iguaçu. The town is nothing to write home about – its only claim to fame is the spectacular waterfalls. I have now seen Iguassu, Victoria, Niagara and Angel Falls (from a plane). They are all different and equally impressive.

Our journey home involved a delay at Foz do Iguaçu (a small plane seemed to be stuck on the runway), a missed connection in Sao Paulo, overnight and a day to wander about a town on the outskirts of Sao Paulo.

Overall, a good adventure and my husband enjoyed it!

7 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Iguazu is a magical place, and puts Niagara Falls to shame. I actually named one of my dogs after them. Glad you had a chance to see them and hat you are heading out to Spain next year.

    • My entire life until about 15 years ago, without every being there, I had understood that Niagara would a huge disappointment. However, on seeing the falls, I was hugely impressed. I imagined the early voyageurs paddling along and saying “Hark. Do you hear a rumbling noise ahead?” Even the tacky backdrop of the city of Niagara Falls could not spoil the magnificence of that water pouring over the falls. I was fascinated.

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