Day 18. Cerro Muriano to Villaharta (19 km)

The weather has cooled down and there were menacing clouds this morning. At the 12 km mark we went through a town with a bar, and after coffee we decided to suit up for rain. That was a good decision since hail and showers followed, and the air was downright chilly – starting at 7°C and going up to 9°C.

Fortunately we got to Hostal Mirasierra well before the serious thunderstorm.

It is as cold inside as outside, and I am happy to have my merino evening wear, down vest and light down sleeping bag, as well as the hostal bedding!

One thought on “Day 18. Cerro Muriano to Villaharta (19 km)

  1. Got to love those Costco duvets!

    So, if one was walking this on their own, it would be expensive when it comes to lodging, right?

    There is snow in O’Cebreiro! Count your blessings with the hail but cover up well.


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