Day 19. Villaharta to Alcaracejos (~20 km by car, 18 km walked)

Two of our group of the moment are still recovering from colds, and didn’t fancy a 38 km walk. I don’t have that excuse but didn’t fancy it anyway. Angel, the hostal proprietor, taxied us halfway, and others took the bus all the way to our destination, while Maggie walked every step.

My blisters are almost better but I prefer to keep my distance under 25 km.

The walk was very pleasant with wild flowers in full bloom…

The potential water features were manageable with shoes on. For this one, there was a path with stepping stones along the right side…

A dinner photo…

I ordered “fritura de pescado” or something like that, thinking it would be regular fish like the kind you get with fish and chips. Turned out to be deep fried sardines plus another slightly bigger fish plus minced fishcakes plus calamares. I tried everything and it wasn’t bad, but whole fish are not on my list of favourites.)

A spacious and very green room for the night…

2 thoughts on “Day 19. Villaharta to Alcaracejos (~20 km by car, 18 km walked)

  1. I LOVE your blog!!
    You are so adventurous!!
    You are my idol!!
    I wish I could walk the Camino on my own like you!

    • Thank you (!), but the secret is that I am not really on my own. There are other peregrinos and we tend to become friends and keep an eye out for each other.

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