Day 27. Montamarta to Granja de Moreruela (23 km)

Montamarta was not an inspiring town, but the exit had a couple of nice points – the Mesón Rosamari was open for breakfast, and then this edifice appeared on the hill.

More walking… a few hours pass, and this appeared on the horizon so I detoured a few hundred metres to explore, relax and figure out how to take panorama shots. It is Castrotorafe,  from 12th century.

Passing through a small village, I saw the local women cleaning up the things (what are they called? Floats?) for the night’s procession.

More same old, same old…2017-04-15 22.54.40.png

Finally into Granja (population under 300) in time for Good Friday mass and procession.

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  1. You may call it “same old same old” but that is a gorgeous picture! And I knew I could count on you to get the spelling right for Castrotorafe, I’ve been messing it up for years! Buen camino, Clare!

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