Day 28. Granja to Benavente (30 km)

2017-04-16 17.15.51Today most people took the left turn for the Camino Sanabrés to Santiago whereas the Saskatooners and I went right, to continue the Vía de la Plata to Astorga. I left them halfway through the day as they decided to take a short day and probably bus ahead to meet friends on the Camino Francés.

Today’s insect feature is a caterpillar train:2017-04-16 17.16.26

Today’s adventure – following the precise, but maybe not quite correct or complete,  instructions to take the route along a disused train track. In the future I might add some useful information, but meanwhile here are some photos…

Eventually, with very little help from my guides, I found my way into the city of Benavente and found a hotel room.2017-04-16 17.37.33.png


4 thoughts on “Day 28. Granja to Benavente (30 km)

  1. I don’t think I know anyone who has taken this route, so I will be interested in hearing your impressions! Astorga tomorrow, I assume? Can’t believe how far you’ve come, seems like you just started walking.

  2. Had you planned to go the Astorga route from the beginning? I plan on going the Sanabres route but I may change my mind, probably if I find the Via de la Plata to quiet.

    • I had only “planned” to go to Zamora, but walking to Astorga was always in the back of my mind. I will stop there. There are fewer people here (like, none) than on the VdlP or Sanabres.

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