Day 26. Zamora to Montamarta (19 km)

Some images from today..

Spanish cities know how to clean up after a party. In the morning the streets are washed, blown and swept clean before most people wake up. Except pilgrims who are booted out bright and early and need to find their way out of the city. Zamora has a little park at the exit, to let us know we are on our way.

At first glance I thought the route was long and straight.2017-04-14 07.38.43

However, an arrow took me to the right,  through suburban/industrial areas – including a sausage plant and a pet food factory,  as far as I could tell. They seemed to be closed for Easter week. It the next town, the fish truck was out on duty. At the edge of that town, handy to the old people’s home was a little exercise park (see the machines on the left of one of the photos below) with no users.

Walk, walk, walk. … what’s that up ahead? More construction of the high speed AVE train. Are those people up there? Yes, pilgrims! Those are the Italians and the Saskatooners.

Walk, walk, walk… more excitement…

Finally, real excitement – a town, arrows leading under the highway to the albergue,  and a bottom bunk for me.

7 thoughts on “Day 26. Zamora to Montamarta (19 km)

  1. Hi, Clare, just wondering about the day from Zamora. Does the camino still go near the ruins of the castle on the left over by the reservoir? Castrotafe, I think it’s called. We once took some time to go mosy around but the ruins are really pretty ruined. Just wondering if the route has changed.

  2. Hi Clare, I have been following your journey as my husband and I plan to walk the VDLP next year. It has been very enjoyable and informative. I also just read a camino forum post about introverts on the camino- I am as well. FYI the introvert that started the thread was a few days behind you and left for Lisbon because there was “a complete lack” of people walking on the VDLP. Go figure. Keep writing and taking beautiful photos. I just wish we were walking in the Spring like you instead of the Fall.

    • Sometimes we meet people we “click” with, and sometimes we don’t. You shouldn’t blame the others! One needs to be prepared to walk alone and sometimes eat alone, and enjoy it anyway. Speaking functional Spanish helps a lot, especially if walking alone.

    • My Samsung Note 2 (5 years old) has a Photo editor with a feature called Decoration/ Drawing/ Pen, and this phone has a stylus for writing. Whatever phone you have will probably have a similar app that allows you to draw or type notes on your photos.

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