Day 24. Casa Saso to Villanueva de Campeán (28 km)

The first two-thirds of the day was okay, but promised to be long and hot. Once the path turned away from the road, on good dirt road through fields, it was somewhat like the meseta.2017-04-11 20.53.33

I put in my earbuds, shuffled my 100 favourite pieces of music, and powered on. Those were perhaps my favourite 2 hours walking anytime, anywhere. I found myself pausing to look around and take photos so often, not wanting to end the walk. The canola/rapeseed in bloom, and various shades of green and brown, against brilliant blue sky, were stunning.

In Villanueva, i was the only person in the municipal until a Spaniard arrived in the evening. He left in the dark at about 6 this morning.  Elsewhere in town there were 6 Italians and 2 Spaniards. There was no store and only one bar for eating. At the bar you can get a café con leche to go, and heat it in the microwave in the morning. Otherwise no breakfast until Zamora!


4 thoughts on “Day 24. Casa Saso to Villanueva de Campeán (28 km)

  1. The two pictures with the mustard flowers or whatever the yellow is are absolutely beautiful. Smart idea to stay in Villanueva, now you have a very short day into(the most wonderful city of) Zamora!

    Clare, there is a solution to your coffee-free mornings, it’s that electric coil you forgot to pack. :-).

    Buen camino.

    • Here is a late reply to your comment! The yellow plant is, I think, rape seed or canola. And yes, that electric coil question… I would like to join that club for the sense of community 🙂 , but honestly I have rarely felt the need for a coil. Maybe if I go further with solitary routes, I will.

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