Day 23. Salamanca to 6 km after Calzada de Valdunciel (23 km)

Today D stayed in Salamanca to replace his lost eyeglasses and then go to Coimbra to pick up the Portugues, as planned. The walking alliances change but the friendships remain.

The day was unremarkable. The Albergue at Calzada de Valdunciel had only 8 places and they filled up just before my arrival. It looked like a cute little cottage with all facilities. It would have been a too-short day anyway, so I moved on, along with a couple from Saskatoon. We called ahead to Casa Saso to be sure there were places. Casa Saso was a bit more expensive than some, for what you got, but it was (a) there, (b) very tranquil and restful, and (c) the hosts were very nice.