Day 22. San Pedro to Salamanca (23 km)

We started at 7:30 this morning – a bit earlier than usual. It isn’t light much before that. We decided to walk 4 km to Morille for breakfast. Morille was a lovely little village but the bar didn’t open until 9, and posted opening times tend to be flexible in Spain. So we broke out the peanuts, chocolate and water to sustain us. But when we arrived at the next town, 4 hours later, the tapas were fresh and delicious!

The entry to Salamanca is dramatic.  We trudged up into the town, just in time to catch the Palm Sunday procession arriving at the cathedral.

In the evening, we had a perfect close-up position for a procession. But of course my camera battery died. Even so, it would be difficult to describe how dramatic it was to have the Last Supper tableau hovering a few feet away over your head with the music and crowds, etc.

Stayed at the elegant municipal albergue.