Day 19. Hostal Asturias to Baños de Montemayor (22.5 km)

I have some blog catch-up to do! It is often hard to get to right combination of time, interest, wifi and battery charge.

I walked the day alone to Baños de Montemayor, a route I remember from last year. Weather continues to be wonderful. I start the morning wearing a merino tank top, long-sleeve synthetic t-shirt, and a long-sleeved buttoned shirt, and usually my wool buff, and light gloves. After about 30 minutes I’ve warmed up and can remove the buff and gloves without stopping. After another hour or two I need to stop and remove pack to take off the middle layer. Then I walk in the heat of the day with the merino tank to soak up sweat, and the long button shirt to protect from the sun.

I was the only pilgrim in the albergue in Baños although 2 groups of 3 Spaniards occupied two other rooms. Dinner included cauliflower as the first course. How nice to have plain veggies, even if boiled to smithereens!

3 thoughts on “Day 19. Hostal Asturias to Baños de Montemayor (22.5 km)

  1. Great cow pic. Too bad about the cauliflower. They could have done so much more with a grill, a little olive oil and some seasoning. Oh well. Buen Camino, -jgp

  2. We too had cauliflower at a new tapas restaurant that opened up on Bowen Island. But ours was pickled in a salad with endives and muscat grapes and was very tasty. Weather looks fantastic! There was hail today.

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