Day 20. Baños de Montemayor to Fuenteroble de Salvatierra (33.6 km)

A new favourite day! It was very scenic   and I felt good.

Look at the granite fence posts and corner engineering.2017-04-10 08.57.35.png

I walked the planned 22 km, had a boots-off break to examine the condition of my baby toes, then found this sign at the village bar and albergue, with no indication of how long that hour might be.

So, I decided to walk another 11 km and catch up with D and W! I had had 2 days alone with no one around and I was ready for company again.

I was also ready for a delicious non-Spanish gin and tonic, but in a typical Spanish bar. (Note the hams hanging at the left.)2017-04-10 09.03.22.pngFuenteroble has one of the iconic donativo albergues, with a tasty communal meal. There were 8 of us altogether, but only 3 in the dorm.2017-04-10 09.02.15.png

3 thoughts on “Day 20. Baños de Montemayor to Fuenteroble de Salvatierra (33.6 km)

  1. oooh – I was feeling so ill in one of thoese bedrooms… and spent half the night on the bathroom floor 😦 brings back a few memories 😀 Well done on your long day! The walk out of Banos was beautiful! I missed the following few days in a haze of illness… I’ll look forward to your updates!

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