Day 18. Cáparra to Hostal Asturias (10 km)

I felt out of sorts today – combination of general tiredness, weird group dynamics, a baby toe that feels like ground meat, and most important – no café con leche to get the day properly started.

We were all driven to the Arco de Cáparra to resume the Vía de la Plata.

2017-04-06 20.49.12

This is a stretch that has a few streams/rivers that can be problematic.  No problem today. In one case the centre concrete block had been swept downstream, leaving a space that was just TOO far for anyone to step. Some stones and rubble had been assembled, but it wouldn’t be enough in higher water!

After a few km when I still didn’t perk up, I decided I needed a short day with time off and a rest. I detoured to Hostal Asturias for a private room (€19 for pilgrims). It was a good decision. It would have been even better if I had planned it, and then I’d have stayed at Cáparra to visit the interpretive Centre,  which opened at 10. Oh well… next time!

I got caught up with my blog, took care of some non-Camino business on my phone (a rather long and painful process), ate alone, had second thoughts about yesterday’s blog entry and edited it. Now I feel better.2017-04-06 20.56.17

7 thoughts on “Day 18. Cáparra to Hostal Asturias (10 km)

  1. This is quite interesting as I have always wondered what this Camino was all about. Great blog and neat pics!

  2. Do you expect to meet up with the group again? I’ve walked a few caminos and found it interesting if I’ve gained a day or dropped back a day.

  3. Gosh it looks so pretty in it’s spring finery! I hope things are feeling a bit better for you… take care! x

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