Day 8. Zafra to Villafranca de los Barros (20 km)

Our boots were barely dry this morning and the weather uncertain. K decided to take a rest day, but R and I took to the road. The day turned out fine for walking.

A nice Sunday walk

Or cycle…

The highlight of the day was grilled cod at restaurant Jero in Villafranca…2017-03-27 20.20.29

Followed by a good night’s sleep in Casa Perín (at the end of town on Plaza de la Coronada) – private room and bath for €18.

8 thoughts on “Day 8. Zafra to Villafranca de los Barros (20 km)

  1. Clare, you certainly are finding some lovely private rooms for some nice prices. Why stay anywhere else? Looks like you have the Midas touch! 🙂

  2. Hi, Clare, Good to see that the Casa Perín is still in business. I really enjoyed my stay there, and thought that maybe it had succumbed to the explosion of albergues in Villafranca. When I was there, the owners were being ostracized by the powers that be in town because of they opposed construction of a refinery nearby. Wonder if that has all died down. I remember that she sent us to eat at a good little place, the Monterrey, whose owners also opposed the refinery. Turns out that those who did were removed from the ayuntamiento’s list of lodging and restaurants! Glad that the weather seems to be improving, buen camino, Laurie

    • The cod was one of the best meals. I am over my jet lag, minor cold and starter blisters, and am walking quite comfortably now. Also the weather promises to be great (maybe a little too warm).

  3. Hello Clare
    I just discovered you blog today and I’m loving it. Excellent photos and descriptions.
    On my last camino I met a woman who had previously walked the Via de la Plata and she inspired me to do it, now your making me even more excited.
    I’m having knee surgery in a couple of months and if that goes well I hope to start Sept 2018.

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