Day 9. Villafranca to Torremejia (27 km)

Long walk, basically alone – flat, good walking surface (packed dirt farm road), through olive groves, vineyards and grain fields. Not especially scenic except for some nice colours and distinguished olive trees.

Easy walking except there is no place to sit even for a 15 minute rest. Perching on a granite marker is not comfortable for long! Those patches of green were just scraggly weeds but there was a foot-square piece of concrete where I did sit for a few minutes.2017-03-28 19.33.18

Pretty tired on arrival at the nicely restored municipal albergue where I stayed with 2 Spanish couples I had seen on the way. Too tired to write more.2017-03-28 19.34.13

2 thoughts on “Day 9. Villafranca to Torremejia (27 km)

  1. Hi Clare, Besides the challenges of lugging your pack, navigating the path, and establishing a new temporary home every day, you also carry the burden of sustaining the hopes and beliefs of your pilgrim audience as you post each day’s pics and observations. It must feel somewhat sisyphean. Please endure as it sustains me as I prepare for my own first Camino commencing in a few short weeks. Ultreïa!

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