Day 7. Fuente de Cantos to Zafra (20 km – 4.6 km)

First, last night’s albergue was great – I do recommend it.

The walk started out nice enough but the rains came.

Today’s hghlight occurred when I was soaking wet, boots included, after 16.4 km of walking. I was alone, having lost sight of Belgian K and German R when they entered the village. The rain had stopped, but that just emphasized how wet everything was. The destination for the day was 4.6 km further – over an hour.

I walked, boots sloshing with each step, into a bar for some fuel for the last stretch. There, spread in front of a space heater, were K and R, eating asparagus omelettes  and drinking the local tinto. “We are thinking of taking a taxi into the city. Would you like to share?” They did not have to ask twice.Someone walked in and plunked a load of asparagus on the counter, so I had an omelet too. (It was an advertised special of the day.)

Fresh asparagus, anyone?

After that, everything was denouement. The albergue Convento de San Francisco in Zafra was very good.

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  1. Dear Not-so-trite tales, I am just behind you (leaving Monasterio tomorrow), so your comments are very helpful. Keep up the good work!

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