Day 5. El Real de la Jara to Monesterio (20 km)

This morning I woke up feeling reasonably rested and thinking that a 20 km walk was a reasonable thing to do.

The weather included a bit of everything except snow (and that would not have surprised me). I started out wearing full rain gear, for warmth, took it off, put it back on, etc. Generally a very good day for walking and the path was also very pleasant. I am only going to post one photo from today’s walk, since it is undoubtedly the most perfect picture. Ever!Arrived in Monesterio and decided to pass the reknowned Albergue Parroquial and head for privacy and heating at the Hostal Extremadura.

Privacy, I got – for €15 I have a private room with bath. Heating doesn’t seem to come at that price, nor do towels and soap, but I am not complaining. Why else would I be carrying both? The thermostat suggests that both heating and cooling are available but I can only feel cold air. There is good hot water, so I got dressed as fast as possible after a shower and jumped into bed with a pile of blankets to ponder my next move. Amazingly, the WiFi reaches my room. (Although the real test will come when I try to upload this post.)

Much of Spain is now having a cold spell. In this region, the high today was 10°C and the low is 4°C. My room is somewhere in between. I should give some credit to my husband for training me to these conditions (i.e. without heat).

I went up the street for an afternoon dinner at the upscale Restaurant El Rinconcillo, where I spent almost twice the cost of my room on a very tasty meal. Nary another pilgrim in sight.

Finished the day with a stroll back to the beginning of town to visit the Museo del Jamon. The main street of Monesterio has more ham and pork products for sale than you can imagine.

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