Day 4. Almaden de la Plata to El Real de la Jara (~16 km)

Today I spent entirely alone, except for exchanging greetings with the couple from Montreal when I passed them. (It is nice to know there is someone behind me on the trail.) Sometimes I think about how it would be nice to company and other times I think how much people miss in their experience if they are always connected to someone else.

2017-03-22 20.27.43

Leaving Almaden behind

Some of the others were going to try to walk to the next town, 38 km in total, so they set out early and I might not see them again. There might be a few in this town tonight but I haven’t been wandering about and the town is rather confusing in its layout.

I have a room (€10) in a house, Alojamiento Molina.  The room is freezing but I am sitting in the parlor by a heater while the family is out socializing as Spanish families do in the evening. This house has a very Spanish feel – rooms leading to more rooms, some leading to open air courtyards, family photos on every wall. The family (a couple with their adult son) is very nice and seem to have 2 or 3 rooms and a bathroom at the front, for pilgrims. At €10, it is a nice change from albergue and hotels. It is located just around the corner from the church and the restaurant Mesón El Cochera.2017-03-22 20.31.49.png

3 thoughts on “Day 4. Almaden de la Plata to El Real de la Jara (~16 km)

  1. Thanks! Bringing back some good memories. You’ll have a great walk to start off tomorrow.

  2. These photos are beautiful! I love those little white flowers 🙂 And I have very similar feelings about walking alone: sometimes I crave the company and companionship, but often I cherish the experience of solitude and freedom.

  3. I love walking alone too, the main reason I am choosing to walk the vdlp rather than the Frances. Company is nice sometimes, but solitude is my favourite.

    It’s great to read your blog, get an insight into the route, and see tips about where to stay etc. Thank you. Can’t wait to get going myself on 5th April 😄 ✈️ Sevilla. 🚶🏻Santiago.

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