Day 3. Castilblanco to Almaden de la Plata (16 km walking)

Two others joined me in a taxi for the first 16 km, which is along a road.

2017-03-22 19.05.38

Once into the Natural Reserve, the walk was extremely pleasant.

Temperatures had dropped and some clouds came in to provide shelter on the 400 m ascent to  “Calvary Hill.”

In Almaden de la Plata, the Municipal hospitalera introduced herself to us on the street. My companions were going to the Municipal, and she offered to give me my own room when I told her I had a cold and was looking for a private room.

This mobile blogging is a pain… I need to get used to it each time and figure out how to do it more efficiently. I had a silly auto correction to the title of the last post that I couldn’t get corrected because WiFi was slow (or whatever: it wouldn’t upload with all the heavy photos). I have finally fixed it and added a few more photos that you might go back and look at now.

3 thoughts on “Day 3. Castilblanco to Almaden de la Plata (16 km walking)

  1. I remember that as a beautiful walk through the park. It was a cool morning and we caught the sunrise as we entered the park. The riverbeds were all dried and the ground looked scorched… and it was around 37c… but nonetheless wonderful! Loving your photos! I hope you’re feeling a little better? xx

  2. So happy to see your pictures. Questions: cost of taxi, and should plastic sandals be kept near the top in backpack to deal with the “water features”?

  3. Everyone seems to have a friend who will do the pilgrim shuttle to the park. We paid €20. I haven’t had to remove my boots yet, but I do keep my plastic shoes accessible.

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