Day 2. Guillena – Castilblanco (16 km)

Another tiring day, I’m exhausted. I have decided that I have a cold (minor, I think) that could be a cause or effect of the jetlag and no sleep. In any case, it explains my low energy level.

I left Guillena alone, after most of the others. Occasionally it is fun to be part of a chattering group, but I usually prefer to take a lower profile.

The exit route involved several km along a narrow road shoulder since the quiet route across the (dry) river wasn’t available. (It wasn’t dry.)

Past an industrial complex; I should have gone in to the access route but wasnt sure it would exit at the far end. Turn left through an unmarked industrial gate before the roundabout, and then the path became much nicer.

I had to walk through a herd of cows that wouldn’t gather nicely and cede the path to me. No photo of the standoff but we all survived without incident!

The last few km along a road at least had a narrow path along the side.

Late lunch with the crowd, a rest, dinner with them. One companion and I have opted for private rooms in the Hospedaria at €20. I will probably not stay in the albergues until I’m feeling better. (Also, I’m more likely to snore when I have a cold! )



7 thoughts on “Day 2. Guillena – Castilblanco (16 km)

  1. Sorry to hear about the cold… that’s a bit miserable! Hopefully it will pass quickly under some Spanish sunshine. How any people are walking with you?

  2. Thank you for these recaps, I love following along. And I truly hope you beat this cold- wishing you lots of strength and health!

  3. Clare, do take care of that cold. Last year when I walked I was plagued with horrible bronchitis that lasted for almost the entire Camino. Finally I was able to get something that helped when in Santiago. So do watch how it progresses and do see a pharmacist if need be.
    Your posts are wonderful and I am looking forward to each new day.

    • Yeah, I was nervous. I stopped for 5 minutes, moved around on the path to encourage them to move. But they all just stood and stared at me. Finally I gathered the courage to walk through.

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