In Astorga, ready to go

20121102-235852.jpgThis morning awaking in Madrid, we decided to get on with the journey right away.

Took a few hours to wend our way to the right bus station and get tickets for the 4-hour trip to Astorga.


Then, of course we wandered up and down streets before picking a hotel (I feel it is cheating to take the pilgrims’ hostel when we arrived by bus!) picked a nice place, Hotel Peseta, for €58. Then dinner was a whole roasted chicken with fries, a salad, and a bottle of very nice local rosé, all for €17.50 for two.

At the restaurant were 4 women – 2 French, 1 Japanese, and one unknown, all of whom were pilgrims who had been walking for months from different locations in France and elsewhere. They were clearly enjoying themselves. What a life!

Now we are ready to start, in serious, tomorrow! The weather forecast is for showers.