We’re off and walking (to the bus stop, for the airport, on a camino)

We’ll be out the door in an hour and I should be researching a place to stay in Madrid. However, this post takes priority. I suspect that I will not be able to post here as often as I would like, while on the Camino. If I post a lot, it will likely be because we are lounging in a comfy hotel somewhere, having abandoned the walk!

Packing light truly is a fine art. I have been somewhat obsessed with trying to reduce my load but still have more than I’d like, at 6.1 (13.5 lb). A common guideline is to carry no more than 10% of one’s body weight in a back pack. My s-i-l (sister in law) N is carrying a kilo more – I couldn’t talk her out of the umbrella. But she weighs a bit more so is allowed to carry more! I did fatten myself up slightly in the last month but not enough, haha.

With a November trip, a sleeping bag is necessary since some accommodations may not be very well heated. Rain gear and warm things are necessary. The back pack to carry it all, is also necessary. That adds up to over 2 kg already. Half a litre of water is (as you science-literate readers will know) 500 g.

Various weight-cutting measures are implemented. I used an Exacto knife to cut out half of the guide book since we are not walking the whole route. I cut out the inside of a winter toque (winter hat for the non-Canucks) so it is just a single layer. I have a bar of hard soap for washing my body and clothes, instead of liquid soap which is heavier per lather effectiveness. I have weighed every one of my included items and picked the lighter of alternatives and rejected many nice-to-haves outright. I am allowing myself an extensive collection of ear plugs in a little bag because they only weigh 8 g. Had to cut back on spare pencils and pens.

Here is my complete list for the few of you who share my fascination.

Group Description Weight (g)
Wear Cards: Credit, bank, medical 25
Wear Neck pouch 30
Wear Passport, money, pouch 55
Wear Boots – walking 800
Wear Jacket – light waterproof breathable 310
Wear Pants 250
Wear Pants – Thermal long 125
Wear Socks and underwear 70
Wear Top – Long-sleeved medium weight 180
Wear Top – Base layer long sleeves 120
Wear Visor to keep rain off glasses 90
  TOTAL WEARING (Typical walking day_ 2055
Wear Backpack 820
Basics Snacks 200
Basics Water 500 mL 500
Basics Sleeping bag in case 1090
Misc. i-phone, case, charger, earbuds,   adaptor 190
Basics Walking poles 265
Clothes Gloves (warm) 60
Clothes Gloves (spare) 42
Clothes Hat (toque) 30
Clothes Rain pants 250
Clothes Scarf – silk, in case I need something dressy for the opera 25
Clothes Shoes – plastic slip-ons for evening and shower (interesting fashion contrast for the opera) 175
Clothes Socks – 3 spare pairs, various weights 105
Clothes Top – Fleece jacket zip front 300
Clothes Top – Medium weight long sleeve zip neck (200 g) 230
Clothes Top – long sleeved base layer 130
Clothes Pants – base layer long 145
Clothes Underpants (2 spares) 55
Clothes Bra (spare) 60
Clothes Cloth bag for clothes/pillow 60
Misc. 1/2 guide book 160
Misc. 2 garbage bags (1 inside pack, 1 for outside) 70
Misc. Notebook, pens, pencils, eraser 75
Misc. Nylon shopping bag 35
Misc. Rain cover for pack 75
Misc. Towel in plastic bag 85
Misc. Misc. supplies: Pencil, eraser, duct tape, spare glasses, elastic bandage, ear plugs, twist ties, bandaids, wipes, samplings of various over-the-counter medicines ) 170
Toiletries Day-use bag (35g): Antiseptic wipes (67g), kleenex (21), t.paper (28g), spork   (10), knife (20), safety pins (5), handkerchief (20), lipgloss (10), light   (40), sewing (5), vaseline for feet (45) 295
Toiletries Night-use bag (55g): Tooth brush   (8g), paste (30g), floss (15 g), comb (16), Advil (20), medication (15),   shampoo (42), lotion (37), scissors (19), tweezers (8), clothesline and   safety pins (20), hair gel (17),  earplugs   (7), q-tips (3), soap (41) 375
Toiletries First aid – blister care, bandaids 50
  TOTAL IN BACKPACK                                                                                                                                    13.5 lb. 6122g

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  1. Hi, good luck on your journey. my husband and I walked from St. Jean Pied la Port to Santago Sept/Oct of this year. Packing light is essential, but just in case you have a bad day (I did get sick, and was down for a couple of days, and after that while I could walk the extra weight mad it difficult) I thought I would let you know that there is a luggage service http://www.jacotrans.com which we used several times. it was a big help! again good luck with your journey – it is an amazing trip.

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