New Brunswick

Here’s a photo of the St. John River as it flows by Fredericton, New Brunswick. Nice fall weather here.

I am busy, busy, busy at a conference – being president, involved in committees, chairing sessions, handing out awards – all very important. Also eating too much, and exercising and sleeping too little.

I would be more relaxed if I were focused on trying to compose clever and entertaining blog posts.

2 thoughts on “New Brunswick

  1. Packing- I applaud your packing acuity. I recall travelling with you last year on business, and I suffered thorugh 4 days of meetings where you wore the same ensemble.

    You will be pleased to know that I just returned from a 3 week Middle East/ Africa trip, when we were at the Nairobi Travel agent office, our guide picked up my suitcase and queried , was I trying to smuggle an elephant out of the country.

    I had to be and was prepared for any adventure that came my way.

    • Haha – You have been waiting for the opportunity to make that comment about the non-variety in my wardrobe to the world! Now at least I use more scarves.

      I wonder how often that agent used the line about smuggling an elephant. I still feel I have too much stuff but don’t want to give up much more.

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