I don’t really have anything to blog about today, but wanted to put something up to get the last cheerful Stanley Cup post off the top of the screen. However, I have no wish to provide links to the Vancouver news today.

For some reason I wasn’t keen to join 99,999 others downtown – whether our team won or whether it lost. Instead, I watched the game at home on our 14″ TV with home-made antenna.

J went into town and coincidentally met A on the street, so they got to see the riots up close. He arrived home by midnight without incident, by public transit, puzzled by the news that the transit was supposedly immobilized.

The riot pictures seem quite unreal – life imitating art. Vancouver isn’t really like that. I do find the element of anarchy to be disturbing, but fundamentally I am secure/complacent enough to consider it a flash in the pan. (Apologies to those who were injured or suffered losses.)

Next post will be back to my trite tales.