Stanley Cup Game 6 and happier stories

The good news about hockey is how much silly fun we are having with it in Vancouver. Some good writing is coming out of it too. Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun wrote

“Lapierre wasn’t going to get the [penalty] call if Chara’s stick had gone in his front and come out his back.

Because the evening’s referees, Dan O’Rourke and former NHL chief of zebras  Stephen Walkom, were by then so fed to the gills with the flopping and diving,  head-snapping and general histrionics that it was going to take something truly  special to get them to pull out the whistle – and Chara tickling Lapierre’s ribs  wasn’t it.

Burrows, who spent more time flat on the ice than the next-to-last flight at a  Canadian figure skating championship, but with fewer points for spins and  footwork, was ignored in such flagrant fashion…” 

However, I need to take a break from tonight’s debacle, and report on something (anything) else.

Let me introduce my stylist, KB (who is undoubtedly in extreme distress right now as she is also chief fashionista for our office Canucks fan club).

Secondly, a recent retiree was sighted recently in pursuit of “life-long learning”. Does it look like that surfboard is balanced on a sandbank? Photoshopped backdrop? And why isn’t this fetching blond surfer wearing a bikini? (Nice ponytail, though. )

Hmmm. I think I need to  reconsider my life. I have never been to Hawaii and  I have never  owned shoes like those.  (However, I’ve been to many a beautiful beach and have owned a few pairs of weird shoes.)

2 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Game 6 and happier stories

  1. I wish to confirm that this photo was not photoshopped and that the surfer risked life and limb for this amazing photo. Another clarifrication, any knowlegable surfer knows that one has to wear a ” rashguard ” long sleeved t- shirt to both guard against the dreaded surfer rash, and to look ” cool ‘ as was achieved by photo subject.

    And yes the “ponytail”, this is the recenlty retired retiree’s new look, as she no longer has to primp for work.

    The joy of being “Clarefried” I so miss it.


    • As mentioned – I have never been to Hawaii and I have never surfed. Poor me. Unfortunately, I have to work! Glad you have re-emerged and are online.

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