Book review: Kabul Beauty School, by Deborah Rodriguez

Yes, I know – this book was published in 2007 and was reviewed all over the place then. But I only read it last week.

True story of an American hairdresser who opened a beauty school in Kabul, to teach Afghan women a skill they could use to better their lives. The book was mildly entertaining and reasonably well-written. The author appears to be a somewhat flamboyant individual. The strangest thing she did was marry an Afghan man as his second wife, within weeks of meeting him, when they could  scarcely communicate in either language.

Apparently she had to leave the country precipitously after the book was published, leaving everything behind including the hubbie.

This reminds me – some of us are considering adopting the burqa as a wardrobe solution. It would be great for travelling – one outfit goes everywhere, also serving as a blanket, towel and, in a pinch, a tent.