Blogging on my trip to Cuba

I diligently wrote daily draft blogs on my i-phone during the trip, but didn’t have access to wireless internet to send them. Then, on return, I had some trouble with Gmail on my phone, so I removed and re-installed the app. Hadn’t thought about the fact that the drafts existed only on my phone, and they were deleted! Oh well. It’s not as if I have hundreds (or even 10s) of fans.

My sister-in-law (M) and I flew from Toronto to Havana, where I’d arranged through a Cuban guide on the internet for a taxi to pick us up and deliver us to a casa particular. We stayed there for 3 nights, took a bus to Vinales for 3 nights, on to Matanzas for one night, Varadero for 2, and back to Havana for the last 2 nights.
I’m not sure what I expected from the trip, but it turned out to be different! We didn’t soak up tons of music and culture, we didn’t soak up any sun, we didn’t see any baseball. However, we had lots of fun, got along well, I spoke lots of Spanish, and we came away feeling that we had had a great trip. I’ll try to post a few comments over the next few days.