In Toronto we got celebratory with an evening at the opera. The photo shows the keeners at the pre-show talk. The building is new and modern and quite impressive. If you are wondering when my love for opera began, you have good reason to wonder. M got cheap ($35) tickets to the Canadian Opera Company’s celebrated performance of Death in Venice. Not being exactly an established fan, I was open minded and thought the ‘modern’ (1912) setting and English would be good. Those aspects were, but let’s say that the show generated strong opinions from our group of 3. The singing was good (so they say, but it sounds so silly for people to sing English sentences in opera voices). However the key characters just didn’t resonate with us. All of the reviews raved, though. R and M thought the 1972 movie was WAY better.

Opera as an art form will have another chance tomorrow, as we are going again! Aces and Galatea (something like that).

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