Day 14. Silleda to Ponte Ulla (18 km)

This morning the kitchen at the Hotel Eco Nos opened at 8:30. Since I had reserved a place in Ponte Ulla for tonight, I could take my time and enjoy the breakfast – probably the best I’ve had yet.

There was a light rain for much of the day, but 17°C, so I didn’t use my rain jacket. Rather, I held my small umbrella in one hand and a walking stick in the other. It worked very well!

It was novel to pass by an albergue with cafe/bar that was open and busy, mid-stage, compared to the inactivity on the earlier parts of the Camino de Invierno. This was the well known Albergue Casa Leiras and it looked very nice. I stopped for a second coffee. There were some other pilgrims who had walked from the Via de la Plata, where there are more walkers than on the Invierno.

I walked into Ponte Ulla, where there was not much action. The bar/hostal right after the river was closed. The tourist info was closed. I was confused thinking that the Pensión A Taberna de Gundián was where I wanted to be, but there was no one there, either. Unusually, the church was open so I visited it to put in time, waiting for someone to appear. Finally I phoned Hostal/Restaurant O Cruceiro and was told that I had to go around the corner and up a hill. Which I did. My amigos were there, just finishing their dinners. Let’s just say that service was a bit slow. But I ate in the end so all was good.