Day 13. Lalín to Eco Hotel Nos after Silleda (23 km)

In Lalín, I had breakfast at the bar Tío Manolo across the street from the Hostal Caracas. Mis amigos had already left and they were going further than I today. 

The walk out of Lalín started in a linear park. You should follow the arrows, which are slightly different from the tracks I had on my phone. The only issue is getting across the highway in the best way. The rest of today’s walk was fairly typical of a walk in Galicia.

It’s getting close to Santiago so I’m seeing buses stopping to let passengers visit the landmarks (and ring the church bell – click on the video below) and then some of the passengers walk a few km to the next town where the bus meets them. Others hang around and stay with the bus.

Just leaving Silleda, I missed an arrow and was back-tracking 200 m when I saw up ahead – about to make the same error – my 3 Amigos. It was so nice to see them since I thought they’d be ahead, and I have no other company walking at my distances. In fact there are few people on this route at all! Today my friends are staying a few km ahead of me; tomorrow they will stop in Ponte Ulla, and the next day go to Santiago. So my mind is made up – I’ll catch up tomorrow in Ponte Ulla and walk to Santiago with them. This means I’ll be 3 days early and will need to find different accommodation.

What a welcome sight! They waited for me to get back on track.

Tonight I’m in the lovely Hotel Eco Nos. Someone  was here to check me in, but I think now I am the only person. (Later update – I did hear someone else in the hotel – not sure if staff or guest.)

Being Monday, the restaurant isn’t open so I had to walk 500 m up the highway to a restaurant O Que Diran. It was frequented by truckers and others, serving a good menú del día.

One thought on “Day 13. Lalín to Eco Hotel Nos after Silleda (23 km)

  1. I enjoyed the walk from Lalin some years back. I was on the VdlP and took a detour into Lalin for no reason except it looked an interesting place. It also gave me an opportunity to grab a few supplies from the supermarket by the park. I walked to Bandeira the next day and stayed at the municipal albergue. I think the most confusing thing is when you get to the motorway roundabout and the yellow arrows ended. I got lost and ended up walking on the Camino horse route alongside the motorway, until I ran out of water and headed down the hill to find somewhere to resupply (a church in a village had a tap).

    Crossing that old bridge was like something out of Lord of the Rings. All in all I loved that section of my walk.

    Buen Camino.

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