Day 12. Rodeiro to Lalín (24 km)

Not too much to say here but lots to look at. It was another nice walking day. I like to look at people’s veggie gardens, as well as the animals and larger agriculural activities. Today we saw what was probably a granite quarry. Granite features very prominently in all construction – from fence posts to walking paths to buildings, of course. Slate is also widely used – e.g. for roofs.

Today’s destination was Lalín, a pretty big town (pop 20,000) and the place where the Camino Invierno merges with the Camino Sanabres. So, there will be more pilgrims en route. It is disconcerting to walk into an urban(ish) place after a few days going through rural and village areas. I lost sync with my amigos although they were staying at the same place. A big (!) town like this becomes less personal. Since today is Sunday, the evening dining options can get severely reduced. Fortunately, I ate earlier at a hotel that served until 3 pm, so I only had to supplement in the evening at the nearby Repsol gas station.

4 thoughts on “Day 12. Rodeiro to Lalín (24 km)

  1. I see that Lalín is the setting for the “Lalin’s Curse” web comic ( “It is inhabited by supernatural beings from reptilians to demons, and they are very well-hidden from humans.” That pilgrim statue looks pretty suspicious – I’d avoid it after midnight.

  2. Hi Clare,

    So happy to see you blogging again. How are you doing?

    So, how do you like this Camino?


    • I am just seeing various comments now that I’m home. I am doing well! To be honest, this route did not engage me as much as some other routes have. I am trying to figure out why and what, and might post a summary of my thoughts in the next few days.

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