Breakfast in Bangkok

Now having my passport back in hand, in the nick of time, I am free to travel to India. But first a stop in Nepal, for a workshop. (This post-retirement employment gets really tedious at times. Can you guess that I have mixed feelings?)

The plane arrived late in Hong Kong so we missed the connection to Kathmandu. Air Canada had already booked us on a later Thai Airways flight to Bangkok, and sent a nice Thai Airways person for a very brisk walk many miles to fetch bags, in and out of immigration, through security a couple of times, and to the boarding gate for the flight. The walk was quite welcome after the 13.5 hour flight. Only at the end did we learn that upon arrival in Bangkok we were to wait 12-hours (overnight 😣) for the flight to Kathmandu.

We were suddenly in a different country, unprepared to do anything except wait within the international terminal of the airport. There was no Air Canada office to talk to about compensation with an overnight hotel. So we splurged and went to the in-airport hotel in Bangkok anyway, booking in for an 8-hour stay.

Then in the morning had a cultural and touristic wander around Thailand, as represented by the airport shops. Who actually buys this Gucci and Armani stuff?