Days 6 and 7. A Rua de Valdeorras to Quiroga (10 km by train, 18 km walking)

I took a day off in A Rua, and found it quite dissatisfying. I knew that some other pilgrims from the forum (aka “the Geezers”) were due in town and was hoping to hear from them. I just finished a mid-day meal when into the restaurant they walked. That cheered me up and we made plans for today’s walk.

Two of us took a 7 a.m. train ahead 10 km to Montefurado and then walked 19 km to Quiroga. The other walked the whole way.

There is a large municipal albergue (suitable for youth groups, too) where I have a 6-person room to myself, and the guys have their own room too. I don’t see any other pilgrims around. [Later update: It seems that some refugees and/or seasonal workers are housed here, as they were picked up in a van at 6 a.m. However, there is plenty of room for pilgrims too. You need to phone the posted phone number and the municipal employee will come and open things and register you, after 3 pm, I think it is.]

I popped into a nearby museum of local history, which is always interesting (it was just across the open plaza from the albergue) and then we had a delicious dinner at Casa Aroza.

I am tired and undecided about my destination for tomorrow, but am posting to give a quick update, and especially to answer the question…

¿Dónde está Abuela?

I didn’t see many animals today but here is a friendly cat.

As usual, I walked by an old castle and along a forested road – you can imagine a horse and carriage going up to the castle in the old days when someone lived in it.

Finally, my favourite ice cream..