Day 8. Quiroga to Monforte de Lemos (taxi 21 km, 15 km walking)

The Geezers had to gain some time, and I was still feeling ambivalent about this Camino, so I took the opportunity to solve one of the awkward accommodation stages (i e. having to detour to get accommodation). I jumped ahead with them by taxi, to arrive in a town with good transportation links so I could consider if I wanted to change things. As it happens, I truly enjoyed the 15 km walk today and decided that I would continue!

Short walk from Castroncelos to A Pobra, where a bar was actually open for second breakfast. That was a positive note! On leaving A Pobra, I decided to take a detour to see a Castro (pre Roman) site.

The day was beautiful, the paths were pleasant, and I even met 3 Spanish men, with whom I had some conversation.

I realized that what I most enjoy on the Camino is walking alone through countryside and villages where I can see how people live and work, but also encountering other walkers. I am not walking in Spain to see mountains and forests, even though the rolling hills, abandoned hamlets, and valley views are lovely.

A few more pilgrims were evident today – altogether we were 3 Americans, 4 Spaniards, and me (the only female) spread out. So I actually had a few conversations. We all stayed in different places in Monforte. I stayed in a hotel overlooking the Puente Romano (actually a medieval bridge, I think) and a pleasant river with very noisy geese.

I viewed Monforte from the fort at the top. It seems like a nice town and the streets were lively so I didn’t mind eating alone.

Never fear – I have been sending Abuela’s animal sightings separately, even when I didn’t blog.

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