Vasco/Bayona. Wrap up.

A quick wrap-up of this short camino…

  • It was a great 12-day trip with my daughters.
  • We all had a good walk, and they got a taste of the Camino and what I do every year on my own.
  • This route provided an assortment of good scenery and lodging options, was well-marked and equipped.
  • We knew there would be very few pilgrims and didn’t mind, but it was still clearly a pilgrim route.


  • Zagama to Salvatierra/Aguarin through the San Adrian tunnel. This day in itself provided all the scenic and walking variety you could ask for. One of the nicest walking days on any route. We were lucky to have very good weather.
  • The walk from the outskirts of Irun, to Astigarraga was a nice start. Pension Astigarraga was very stylish for a converted factory.
  • The albergue in Beasain had a lovely setting and friendly hospitaleros.
  • José in Burgueta welcomed us enthusiastically to his town.
  • Pancorbo was interesting and scenic.
  • I can’t think of any bad days. The last day slog into Burgos in the rain was tedious, but we needed a taste of that to keep things real!
  • Rosi La Loca restaurant in Madrid.
  • Surprise encounter of a procesión in Barajas where I stayed the night before my flight home – Hermandad del Señor de los Milagros de Barajas, which seems to be an event celebrated mainly by Peruvians.