Vasco/Bayona 11. Service area de la Brújula to Burgos (24 km)

Last day walking and first day of rain. We started in the rain and heavy mist, heading through a forest and then followed country paths until we got to the outskirts of Burgos.

The rain stopped and sun even started peaking through but we were wet and bedraggled and had reached the big city so we marched straight to our hotel. 24 km without sitting down!

It is fun to be in Burgos, now on the Camino Francés, where random strangers wish us “Buen Camino.”

N had urgent complicated travel arrangements to figure out for the next leg of her vacation, starting tomorrow. A and I had our bus trip to Madrid figured out for tomorrow. We wandered around town and then found a yummy place for tapas.

So the Camino 2019 is over. I’ll write up some overall comments tomorrow.