Vasco/Bayona 9. Pancorbo to Briviesca (23 km)

Today was a bit monotonous – walk, walk, walk. Mostly along fields not too far from the highways and train tracks to Burgos.

Get to a dormant village, take a rest.

Walk, walk, walk to another village. The nice mayor gets out of his car to welcome us. Do some cross-training if you are so inclined.

Walk, walk, walk to a town. Find a hotel. Shower. Play with stuff in backpacks. Go out to buy lunch food for tomorrow (almost always: fruit, nuts, cheese, chocolate bar, to be supplemented with fresh bread in the morning). Then go on hunt for dinner. Walk, walk, walk, looking for a place that is not closed due to family vacations, and will serve us suitable food at the unreasonably early hour of 8 pm. Eventually find a satisfying (high calorie) 3 course dinner for €10. However I will henceforth skip the asparagus con mayonesa as a first course. The scrambled eggs and green beans looks better.